Session Title Naming Convention

  • Course Name: identified by event color and title prefix (ex. HISTO = Histology; ECM = Essentials of Clinical Medicine)
  • REQUIRED: synchronous session, attendance is mandatory; non-required sessions are not labeled ( link to excused absence policy)
  • IN-PERSON, VIRTUAL-LIVE, -or- VIRTUAL: indicates method of delivery; IN-PERSON = session is delivered on-campus/in-clinic, VIRTUAL LIVE = delivered over zoom, synchronous, VIRTUAL = pre-recording, asynchronous.
  • NON-RECORDED: indicates the session recording will not be available; recorded session are not labeled
  • (Group name): if session is delivered at different times to select student cohorts, the group name will be indicated in parenthesis
  • Session title: indicates the content/topic covered during the session

Twin Cities - MS Year 2